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Probably tired of seeing this by now...

Probably tired of seeing this by now…

No, not my boyfriend. ­čśÇ

Back in the earlier days of the OSR and I think before OSR was even an acronym we used, I ran across Basic Fantasy. Compared to OSRIC, which I thought read like stereo instructions at the time, Basic Fantasy was a pretty good contender. Even after all this time it still stands up as a very solid Retro Clone. The one thing that I think sets it apart from the others is that Race and Class are separate.

I like this.

I know it’s such a simple difference but the idea to me that all Elves are the same statistically kinda bores me. There should be┬ávariety. ┬áBecause of this I have found that people coming from the D20 era of D&D (i.e 3.x et al) find it a bit easier to swallow as far as character generation goes.

It’s the little things.

Edit: Also, we really need to get this on Drivethru/RPGNow, I think that would help it spread.

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