Feb 022013


Spears of the Dawn has been made available for public consumption MONTHS early. That is an impressive Kickstarter and one of the only ones I’ve ever backed. I’m glad I did! But if you didn’t you can pick it up now for $9.99 @ DrivethruRPG (Originally priced @ $39.99!).

From the Blurb:

Enter a World of Splendor and Blood

In the marketplace, flame-tongued griots recall the glories of dead heroes to set the people ablaze against their undying Eternal foes. In the palace, mighty warriors stride among pillars of carved ebony and bright jewels. Beneath the earth, daring adventurers plumb the mines of ancient kings, veins of gold shining in the flickering torchlight. And in the forest, masked ngangas utter the sorceries of their ancestors to break the bleak curses that witches have hurled upon their people.

In this complete game in a single volume, you’ll find…

  •   A complete African-inspired campaign setting
  •   Old-school compatible classes for ngangas, griots, and marabouts
  •   New spells, magic items, and foes from African mythology
  •   Focused GM tools for building sandbox campaigns
  •   Tools for managing the background strife of restless kingdoms
  •   Resource tables, unkeyed maps, adventure creation tools, and more!

Spears of the Dawn is an African-inspired game built with the free, award-winning Stars Without Number system. Within this book you will find all the tools needed for adventuring in the wild and brooding Three Lands, where the bones of ancient Obas rest uneasy in cities of stone and blighted memory. Dare the tombs of the bitter Eternal and the courts of leopard-mantled kings to find the wealth of a new world!


On top of that all the art from Spears of the Dawn was released into the public domain. FUCK YEAH! If you want to download some really awesome African themed art to use for whatever the hell you want you can pick that up @ DrivethruRPG too.

From the blurb:

Free African-inspired fantasy art for your own campaigns and projects!

Need African-styled locations, adventurers, and creatures? Thanks to the generous backers of the Spears of the Dawn RPG Kickstarter, these images and resource files are yours to do with as you please. With the consent of the artists, I’ve released all these images into the public domain, and you may use them freely in your own gaming products and personal campaigns.

Included in this trove of black-and-white line art are roughly 60 images fit for fantastic adventure, plus Nicole Cardiff’s color cover of Spears of the Dawn for you to remix or reuse. All are provided in their original .tiffs.

Not only that, but an InDesign CS6 file is provided, one containing a sheaf of objects, styles, and the full source file for the game’s first chapter for you to use as a worked example. Go ahead and rip it to pieces, and rebuild it in a way you like better. While the actual content of the chapter is not public domain, you should feel free to reuse, recycle, and remix all the InDesign component parts in any way you like.

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